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RAHANA 1984 is the story of Willard Shephard and his two friends Billy Bronco Reese and George Singh Santoshi.  The story revolves around George's wife Mandy who is stricken with a rare cell disorder in her body. 

Mandeep affectionately known as 'Mandy' by her friends Willard and Billy are trying to cure her of a rare cell disorder she has created in her body.  Rahana 1984 created by Suchet Budon

There is no known cure for what Mandy is stricken with, however Willard and Billy are working on finding a treatment and cure for her at the Willard Shephard Foundation Labs with Dr Jhalak Kaur in Jamlashrinagar pind, a small hidden town near Delhi in India. 

Brave Willard Shephard has to find a way to get his friends and staff to safety in Rahana 1984 created by Suchet Budon

RAHANA 1984 is a short movie set during November 1st 1984 the day during a time of an intense genocidal mass murder occuring on the streets and in urban neighbourhoods of Delhi.  Masses of innocent Sikh citizens were murdered by gangs.  While the movie doesn't delve deeply into that we do try our best to shed some light on just some of the panic and dismay that it may have caused.

Jay and Veeru have entered the Willard Shephard building, unauthorised and definitely unwelcome.  They are about to create havoc in RAHANA 1984 written and directed by Suchet Budon

RAHANA 1984 is set during the fateful day of October 31st 1984, and details the events that take place in the Willard Shephard Labs building during the murderous period that started that day.

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