Some of the thrilling moments in RAHANA

The Production of RAHANA began in Autumn 2018 and has been going smoothly with a slight break during the winter. 


Locations: London, Birmingham and Cannock.

Audience: PG13

Genre: Hindi, Horror, Suspense, Romance

Release: Autumn/Winter 2019

Language: Hindi, English

Format: Cinema, Amazon Prime 

Writer: Suchet Budon

Director: Suchet Budon

Producer: Suchet Budon



Brother Salvadore gets to Brother Alejandro fast.  He has been shot by Bruno one of the cult members.


Lucy sees Salvadore get to Alejandro who has fallen by the tree.  She is extremely upset.


Padre Emilio (Jimmy Elizaga) stands watch and holds back lethal cult members as Salvadore (Adris Tariq) helps Alejandro (Josh Catalano) in RAHANA the movie directed by Suchet Budon