Professor Manohar Singh Kapadia

Age 27
Height 5ft 11

Manohar is an English literature professor at the University of Delhi.  He is a fun loving and carefree individual who loves his wife Aanya dearly and is prepared to do anything for her.  He is a highly accomplished lecturer who is also passionate novelist of adventure novels.

In RAHANA We see Manohar at a stage in his life where he has completed his first novel which he is looking to publish and has already started writing his second novel.  He hasn't found a publisher until he meets Mr George Santoshi who is willing to pay him 2 million Euros for the publishing rights of his first novel.

Manohar Singh is being portrayed by the charismatic and stylish actor Shaid Parvaz who also starred in a significant role in the short prequel RAHANA 1984.  Viewers will be very much shocked or surprised by the complete role-reversal of his character between the two movies, this wasn't a deliberate thing we did, it was just last minute casting changes which worked out for the best.  

The character of Manohar Singh Kapadia is funny, serious and very focused.  He is the every-man, and I created him to make him lovable and also in some cases irritating and fun.  The role is inspired by Jack Nicholson,  lots of Oliver Reed and Shatrugan Sinha.  He is very cool and very normal but his story has a complete emotional turnaround as events unfold.


Professor Manohar Singh Kapadia at a study tour in Israel, with colleagues from the Delhi University and his wife Aanya and mother-in-law Reshma