Joy Rehal is Reshma Kaur Jootla in RAHANA Directed by Suchet BudonReshma Kaur Jootla

Age 47
Height 5ft7"

Reshma lost her husband Balbir in the 1984 riots, this was before her daughter was born.  The events had made her strong and also overprotective of her daughter Aanya.

I wise lady beyond her years.  Reshma is quite youthful at heart and enjoys hanging out with Aanya, because they have no family in Delhi other than Balbir's brother Vikram.  Reshma and Aanya are very close and when Manohar enters their lives, it is not as smooth or as easy going as it would be under normal curcumstances.

Reshma seems to be very distant from Manohar and almost to the point where she is disagreeable and unfriendly with  her son-in-law.

The actress playing Reshma Kaur is Joy Rehal a wonderful Coventry based actress, who works on stage and in big budget movies.